Working with the fantastically talented Rhubarb Food Design, Luminaire were tasked with providing a complete production solution. With the end client focusing on their main business roles, Luminaire were given free reign to transform the space.

We provided a lighting, audio and set solution to transform the office space for this one night only event.

DSC_0339 copy.jpg
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To provide guests with a big impact as soon as they stepped out of the lift, Luminaire installed a number of fully wireless LED batterns to illuminate a 12m long concrete corridor in a vivid blue. The wireless solution meant there was no need to hide cables which would have been impossible in the space.

DSC_0408 copy.jpg

Uplighting was installed throughout the space including to each of the columns dividing the view from the 16th floor.

We used break-up patterns to emulate sun light shining through a tree canopy, scattering light across the whole space.

We also designed and maufactured a custom logo projection to be shone onto the wall above the main space.

DSC_0254 copy.jpg

For audio, we provided a slick d&b Audio distributed system with a larger system for the dancefloor. This allowed subtle background music and speeches to be heard at a comfortable level throughout the space. The latest equipment from Pioneer meant the DJ could work his wonders all night long.

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As the venue was our client's new office space and not a venue, we installed two six meter long custom made temporary walls which we painted to match the office spaces colour scheme.

Luminaire provided a complete solution including technical production, scenic elements, crewing and logistics all in house.

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